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Outlander - Season 6

New seasons in these regions typically come exactly a year after the series premiere. Season 5, for example, came to Netflix Australia on February 17th, 2021. The series began airing new episodes on February 16th, 2020.

Outlander - Season 6

In Canada, the deal is 11 months after the premiere, while in Australia it is a year and a day (actually a year due to the time zones) from the premiere. France and some other parts of the world get episodes the day after they air on STARZ, so already have the full season.

In the United States, it looks like the deal is two years after the finale airs. This allows some seasons to remain exclusive to STARZ while waiting for new episodes to air. With Season 7 premiering in summer 2023, there will be two seasons exclusive to STARZ until around May 1, 2024. That is when we expect to see Outlander Season 6 come to Netflix in the U.S. It is two years from the finale date.

Also, as some fans have guessed, season seven will indeed be split into two parts, with the first eight episodes airing in June, and the other eight airing sometime in 2024. (Starz hasn't given any other details about those episodes). As for when you'll be able to start watching on June 16, all of that information is listed below.

Also, since season seven is super-sized, it will be split into two installments of eight episodes each. The second part will air sometime in 2024, but a date hasn't been announced yet. New episodes will stream on Fridays.

Premiering on March 6, let's take a look at what's in store for our favorite characters in Season 6. But be warned, this article provides an overview of Season 5 and contains spoilers if you haven't watched the latest season.

Throughout the entire series, Claire has shown incredible strength, resilience, and courage given everything she has been through. However, when the group chooses to bring Brown back to the Ridge with them instead of killing him, it's clear this experience has undoubtedly changed her forever. Despite all her strength and strong words, the implications will be seen throughout the next season.

The latest episodes of Outlander will premiere on March 6. There have been plenty of teasers from the cast, crew, and producers about what to expect. The season is expected to be predominantly based on the sixth book of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes.

The first four seasons of the show featured storylines and characters based loosely on the first four books written by Gabaldon. Season 5 was a mix of her fifth and sixth book, so the creators may choose to cover the rest of A Breath of Snow and Ashes or incorporate Galbadon's seventh book for Season 6.

Outlander Season 6 will be premiering on all Starz platforms, with new episodes dropping each week. If you need to catch up on earlier seasons, streaming is available on Amazon, the STARZ app, Netflix (in some locations), and Hulu.

The teaser trailer for Season 6 premiered at New York Comic Con on October 9, 2021. The one-minute-long trailer features Jamie and Claire at Fraser's Ridge with the impending Revolutionary War approaching. There's an ominous feeling throughout the trailer, generating a sense that this season will bring significant change and disruption for the entire family. The trailer also offers a glimpse of some new characters that look to be significant players in Season 6, which will undoubtedly create fresh challenges for the Fraser family. The full-length trailer was released on January 19, 2022.

The cast from Season 5 are all returning, including Jamie (Sam Heughan), Claire (Caitriona Balfe), Brianna (Sophie Skelton), Roger (Richard Rankin), Marsali (Lauren Lyle), Fergus (César Domboy), and Young Ian (John Bell). In addition, this season sees the introduction of a brand-new family, the Christies, which should offer a new dynamic for the show's central characters.

Allan is Tom's son who moved to America because the man who had purchased his father's indenture papers sent for Allan and his half-sister Malva. Allan is incredibly protective of Malva. If the storyline stays true to the book he could lead to significant problems for Claire throughout this season.

Outlander Season 6 has only eight episodes due to production issues caused by COVID-19. The first episode, titled "Echoes", is a 90-minute feature-length episode. And if Gabaldon's assessment of the season is anything to go by (which it should be!), then we're in for a treat. The Outlander author has described the first episode as "absolutely spectacular."

The producers and the stars themselves have dropped many hints over the past few months, describing the new series as 'darker' than previous seasons. It's expected that both Jamie and Claire will face a range of severe and unexpected challenges this season. If you've watched the last five episodes of Outlander, you may be wondering how much more this pair can handle. However, if you're familiar with the books, you'll also know there's plenty more in store, depending on which direction the creators choose to go.

This season is likely to focus even more on the importance of family, with the close-knit group supporting Claire after the horrific events in the finale of Season 5. It's fair to say that the entire family is pretty fractured about the events that took place last season, and there's significant mending to be done.

With the Christie family likely to destabilize any sense of peace left at Fraser's Ridge, along with the impending Revolutionary War, this season will offer plenty of dramatic storylines. There are significant changes coming for the Frasers, who will have to defend their home from impending war and deal with disharmony and division within their home and community. After all, Claire knows what's coming, and Jamie has sworn allegiance with the British, which is bound to create more strain and anxiety the closer the war becomes.

Whichever way the writers decide to go, if the last five seasons are anything to go by, there's likely to be a lot of trauma and emotion involved. This season may just prove to be the family's most difficult challenge to date. And there's bound to be plenty of plot twists and unexpected surprises thrown in for good measure!

Read on for everything you need to know about Outlander season 6, including the latest release date and trailer information, as well as all the details about how to watch the show on Starz US and Amazon Prime Video.

There are new faces on the way though as Mark Lewis Jones, Alexander Vlahos and Jessica Reynolds have all signed up to appear in the sixth season. The three will be playing the roles of Tom Christie, Allan Christie and Malva Christie.

"Brianna's pretty much been through everything that could happen to a person," Skelton told Deadline. "But I know that there's so much more happening next season that will be exciting to see what we've got, what the writers do, because it's always amazing."

In addition, fans of the sixth Outlander novel upon which season 6 is based, will know that Malva grows close to Claire and becomes her apprentice, before the narrative takes a pretty disastrous turn.

The official season six synopsis reads: "The sixth season of Outlander sees a continuation of Claire and Jamie's fight to protect those they love, as they navigate the trials and tribulations of life in colonial America."

The season 6 clip (which was previously teased with an Outlander episode one script reveal) sees the Frasers discuss the (perhaps unwelcome) arrival of the conservative Christie family, before things get a little steamy. Watch below:

"I do know some stuff is going to happen with them next season that's very much them together, so that will happen, but it'll be a totally different situation to what you've seen them in before," she added. "A lot of what Marsali is about this season is protection and really having found her place and her meaning on the Ridge."

The show's fifth season, which premiered just before the pandemic turned the world upside down, covered a lot. Combine that with two years of way too much quarantine TV and you might be struggling to remember where exactly we last left our favorite couple and the rest of the show's characters.

Rewatching season 5 is still pretty doable at this point. Better yet, you could go all the way back to the beginning and marvel at how young, gorgeous and innocent everybody was before the failed Scottish uprising and the Battle of Culloden ruined everything.

But if you're short on time, crack open a bottle of whisky and keep reading. Below is everything you need to know before setting sail on season 6. Of course, there's no shortage of spoilers here, though nothing that will ruin season 6 for you.

While Brown initially escaped the wrath of Jamie and the other menfolk of the Fraser's Ridge who came to Claire's rescue at the end of season 5, it was Marsali, Jamie's stepdaughter and wife to his foster son Fergus, who put an end to him after they brought him back to the ridge for questioning.

Claire and Jamie's daughter, Brianna, was raised in the 20th century by Claire and her first husband, Frank. That was after Jamie sent a pregnant Claire back through the stones just before the start of the Battle of Culloden. Later, in season 4, she herself traveled to the 18th century to find them.

A lot happens to them along the way, but they end up happily married in the first episode of season 5. They've got a kid, too. Brianna got pregnant with young Jeremiah shortly after she and Roger became handfast after finding each other in colonial America.

Thankfully, like fellow bad guy Lionel Brown, Bonnet is also dead by the end of season 5. After kidnapping Brianna in an attempt to gain custody of Jemmy, who is slated to inherit a huge plantation from Jamie's aunt Jocasta, Brianna's family comes to her rescue and captures Bonnet. 041b061a72


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