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Ten Percent - Season 1

Ten Percent is a British comedy series based on the French series Call My Agent! (titled Dix pour cent in French, which translates as 'ten percent'); both are set in talent agencies that see turbulence when their founder unexpectedly dies. The London talent agency, Nightingale Hart, has agents Jonathan Nightingale (Jack Davenport), Rebecca Fox (Lydia Leonard), Stella Hart (Maggie Steed), and Dan Bala (Prasanna Puwanarajah), interact with celebrity clients, featuring many real actors portraying versions of themselves. It was originally released in select markets on Amazon Prime Video on 28 April 2022, also being shown in the United States on BBC America.

Ten Percent - Season 1


With plenty still to wrap up and the potential for far more celebrity cameos, there certainly feels like there's more to see (Call My Agent! has already run for four seasons, with a fifth on the way).

Not yet, but watch this space. Ten Percent season 1 definitely leaves a number of loose threads hanging for a potential second season to pick up, and it definitely seems as though the cast would be up for it.

Without a second season having been confirmed, it's difficult to say. But if things get rolling and season 2 goes into production fairly soon then perhaps we could expect the new episodes to land about a year after the first season did, so in Spring 2023.

Ten Percent season one left a few threads hanging, particularly with regards to Jonathan and his relationship. It seems that his wife is giving him a second chance after finding out he had an illegitimate daughter from an affair around the time of their son's birth, but she doesn't know about his more recent fling with Julia.

There are several background subplots that make for welcome additions, including Tim Mcinnerny's struggling actor Simon Gould, who is represented by the agency. He offers an outside perspective and enjoys an arc across the course of the season as he strives to reassert his career.

Given that this is Ten Percent's first outing, it remains to be seen if it will reach the lofty heights of Call My Agent!, which is returning for a fifth season and a film, but the early signs are certainly promising.

Halfway through the season, there is an infusion of Hollywood energy in the form of tightly-wound, green tea-drinking, type A+, super-agent Kirsten (Chelsea Crisp, Young Rock) and her equally smooth and over-scheduled, gym-going assistant, Kevin (Jack Holden). The clash of styles, particularly between Kirsten and veteran partner agent Stella Hart (the legendary Maggie Stead, Chewing Gum) provides a glimmer of promise for Ten Percent. But, the Nightingale Hart team polite themselves out of all of her commandments, which are thinly veiled as suggestions, leaving the viewer with nothing once again.

Call My Agent ran for five seasons. Having the emotionless wimps of Ten Percent around for that long sounds like pure torture and the antidote to channel change apathy. (

A bridge between the industry and budding as well as seasoned actors, Nightingale Hart is indeed a very busy place and although most of the time the agency manages to carry itself respectfully, everyone falters, at one point or another. But it counts to forgive and move on, forge new alliances and mend old bonds. That is what Ten Percent is all about.

Amazon and Sundance Now have dropped the first UK and U.S. trailers for Ten Percent, the British remake of hit French comedy Call My Agent! in what looks to be a fairly faithful and quite fun adaptation. Amazon, which has UK rights, has set its launch date for April 28, with all eight episodes available that day on Prime Video in the UK, Ireland and other select markets. Sundance Now and AMC+ will premiere the first two episodes on April 29 in the U.S., with the rest of the season following weekly. Check out the UK trailer above and the U.S. version below.

Other exciting guest stars to look forward to in Ten Percent season 1 include Lorraine Kelly, Dominic West, Himesh Patel, Emma Corrin, Phoebe Dynevor, David Oyelowo, Clémence Poésy, and David Harewood. Any film or television aficionado is sure to have a fun time not only pointing out the familiar faces, but also getting an undercover look at just how the business is run by the talented - albeit stressed - minds behind the scenes.

Ten Percent launches in the UK on Thursday April 28 on Amazon Prime Video, with all eight episodes shown as a box set. In the US the first two episodes will launch on Friday April 29 on Sundance Now and AMC+ with the rest of the season following weekly.

The French comedy Call My Agent! debuted in October 2015 and became a bigger hit than initially anticipated. The series stars Camille Cottin, Thibault de Montalembert, Grégory Montel, and Liliane Rovère as four talent agents, Andréa, Mathias, Gabriel, and Arlette. The team runs the company ASK (Agence Samuel Kerr), juggling celebrity egos, hectic projects, insane production schedules, and their own messy lives after the owner passes away. France 2 originally planned the show to end with Season 4, but its popularity is such that it's now ending with a 90-minute TV film followed by the fifth and final season.

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